Our Mission

To be partners in the long-term success of our Clients and Consultants based on our passionate commitment to deliver the highest quality services. We accomplish this mission by never losing our intense focus on the needs of our Clients; attracting and retaining the best and brightest Consultants, providing them with support, professional development and project discipline necessary to ensure their happiness and the success of our Clients.

Why Choose AAC

Better People

IT is critical to the success of almost any organization in our modern world.  But the best, most cutting edge technology in the world will still fail to achieve optimum results without having the right people involved.

Our philosophy is that the best results are obtained by partnering with our clients and working side by side to achieve their goals.  This on site, face to face approach requires hiring a very technically capable team with great people skills and a customer service mentality.

Years of experience has proven that assigning local consultants reduces project risk for our clients and provides better quality of life for our team.  AAC is committed to finding the best talent wherever they are and helping them realize the advantages of living and working in our beautiful area.  Travel assignments occasionally make the most sense for our team and our client, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

AAC takes pride in building long-standing relationships with our team that are based on honesty, integrity, trust, and an unwavering commitment to focusing on making our clients successful.  We pay well, offer an outstanding benefits package that includes health insurance and a 401-k plan, support professional development, and give our team the freedom to focus on making our client successful.

Better Processes

Implementation and Development Methodology:

AAC utilizes a proven development and implementation methodology that follows the standards of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) as well as Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) standards. This methodology ensures tangible deliverables for each step in the development and system implementation process.

If a client prefers Agile development processes we have certified scrum masters to engage in your project. While Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a constant thread of knowledge for our team of Project Managers, this team is quite experienced with implementing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Configuration management requires experience and our Project Management team certainly leads in this area.

Recruiting and Interview Process:

Recruiting the right resources for the right position requires proven processes and significant people skills. Our professional recruiters have worked in various IT positions and companies and know from experience what it takes to figure out the right person to meet our customers’ needs. Part of walking through our recruiting process is building a relationship with potential candidates not only to ensure the candidate is a right fit for the client, but to ensure the candidate will be happy and able to add value every day for our partners. Our recruiting process is intentionally old school and includes face to face interaction to be sure that all parties understand the expectations. We know that this requires more time than taking the easy road of simply screening resumes, making a phone call, and hoping everything works out. We also know that finding the best people requires more time and effort, and eventually pays off for everybody!

AAC never submits a resume without first conducting a personal interview. By the same token, AAC never submits a candidate without their approval. The recruiting process must end in a win-win for both the candidate and the customer.

Client Relationships:

AAC relies on the tried and true approach to building and maintaining customer relationships, which is working with them in person! AAC prefers to provide on-site resources and prefers working through contracts, future planning and contractor / client discussions with face-to-face conversation. So much can be learned by looking someone in the eye!

Better Results

Our dedication to providing the best IT talent available, focusing on the customer, and following a process that has been developed through years of consulting produces tangibly better results for the clients that partner with us.  Our consultants are viewed by our clients as critical to the success of their projects and their organizations.  Because our consultants are treated well and feel good about being part of our team, they are less likely to leave a project before its successful completion in order to look for another opportunity.  Our lower turnover results in less project risk for our partners during the crucial final stages of a project.

Who We Are

Advanced Automation Consulting, Inc. is a locally owned IT services company founded by John Denise in 2003. AACs success is based on a strategy John learned through experience, that solving the technology needs of his customers begins with a foundation of qualified people. “I was determined to create a company with a culture completely focused on doing the right thing for our clients and consultants,” says Denise. Three principles guided this company to the successful place it holds today. First, AAC puts its clients’ needs ahead of everything else. Second, AAC hires the most qualified personnel available and provides them with the ongoing support they need. Third, AAC supports economic development in the local community.

By retaining quality resources through the provision of continual employment, outstanding benefits and professional development, AAC is able to solve the technology needs for its customers by providing the most qualified personnel available. AAC develops and maintains personal relationships with every customer providing continual follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction and success and has become a leader in the local community by supporting and promoting economic development. An overriding goal for AAC is to promote and exemplify a company character that believes and demonstrates that quality people are the foundation for building, sustaining and growing IT.

Community Outreach

The Team at AAC is dedicated to giving back and making this great community even better than it is today. 

Our staff consists of local professionals and those who choose to relocate to the area to join the AAC team.  Everybody is encouraged to be actively involved in the community.

John Denise fell in love with the Columbia area while attending the University of South Carolina and is very active in the community. He has been a Rotarian since he was 22, has created a private charitable foundation that supports a variety of causes with a particular emphasis on children, serves on several boards, and is a strong proponent of growing the knowledge economy as the cornerstone the Columbia regions economic development activities.